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Josh Blackwell, Kueng Caputo, Takuro Kuwata, Rick Owens, and Frances Upritchard

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Salon 94 Freemans is pleased to present an installation of sculpture and design with Josh Blackwell, Kueng Caputo, Takuro Kuwata, Rick Owens, and Frances Upritchard.

The works of these artists and designers are all rooted in ritual handicraft and employ raw materials to frame unique and unusual architectures. Upritchard's low hanging chandelier made of colorful glass and two mixed media snakes foregrounds the space. Small lights inside each blown glass piece provide a ceremonial feel to the ornaments that hang celestially like a cosmos around gauzy, back-bending serpents. Another sculpture by Upritchard is the bright and willowy figure The Toe Picker. The seated figure along with the other-worldly ceramic sculptures of Kuwata, populate the furniture by the Swiss collaborative Kueng Caputo. Their multicolored, unique sandstone stools are lined up and stacked, functioning simultaneously as tables, chairs, and shelves. The pairing of these offbeat and playful objects with the Brutalist and oversized furniture of Rick Owens underscores their nature as both primitive and futuristic. Two embroidered plastic bags by Josh Blackwell reiterate the mixing of high and low materials. Where Owens pairs raw plywood with solid, milky blocks of alabaster, Blackwell continues his series Plastic Bag as Humble Present, weaving bright colors and patterns onto black plastic deli bags in an inspired act of reinvention.