Soull & Dynasty Ogun

Identical twins born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, 1984.


3 E 89th Street

Soull & Dynasty Ogun


Soull & Dynasty OGUN are identical twins born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, 1984.

Always inspired by their rich lineage of Nigerian and Dominican ( West Indies) decent, mixed with their NYC upbringing, Soull & Dynasty always had a passion for transmuting the many cultures surrounding them to bring forth unique, other worldly designs from a young age. Both Soull and Dynasty are autodidactic artisans in their respective fields. Soull focuses within the metal work, jewelry realm, while Dynasty focuses within the realms of textiles, fibers, accessories, garments.

The two powerhouses, ultimately merged their concepts to develop their design/thought incubator, L'ENCHANTEUR, founded by the twins in 2017.
Since it's formation, Soull & Dynasty has grown + catapulted L'ENCHANTEUR into a multi facets design house, creating unique, ethereal designs worn by their community of supporters as well as a selection of high level muses including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Erykah Badu, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Michelle Obama, many other high profiles individuals.

In August 2020, Soull participated in the group show, Talismans : Magickal Objects of Revolution, curated by Rajni Perara at Patel Brown Gallery
In January 2021 Soull + Dynasty showed alongside Artist Corey Washington in a group show, PANACEA at Swivel Gallery

In Feb 2021, Soull was award the Cycle 35 Residency cycle at Museum of Art & Design.

In June 2021, Soull showed in a group show, "RED", Curated by Nico Wheadon at Welancora Gallery

In November 2021, Dynasty was a finalist in Harlem Fashion Row's x Tommy Hilfiger: New Legacy Challenge.

In April 2022, Dynasty & Soull, produced their premiere collection, "Hood Breakfast" including textile & jewelry designs, which became sought after by culture influencers such as Pharrell, Queen Latifah, Rihanna, as well as covered by VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar.

In March 2023, Soull & Dynasty have been awarded The Fashion Trust US Jewelry Design Award of 2023.

In April 2023, Soull participated in a group exhibitions, "Provenance" curated by Marissa Passi, at the Visitor Center Space


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