Hella Jongerius | Generation T
3 E 89th Street

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Hella Jongerius + Nymphenburg

Generation T

“Generation T” is an initiative by Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg and designer Hella Jongerius against the waste of valuable resources - both material and human - which are becoming increasingly precious in the process of manufacturing porcelain. The idea for this project arose from the need to bring back to life plates, cups and bowls of unique quality that had become unfashionable and were previously gathering dust in the cellar or attic: in the middle of the table; for breakfast, lunch or dinner; in the family or also together with friends!

All the plates in this collection have an individual story: some were inherited, others given away, still others bought at
the second-hand market. Thanks to a new design by Hella Jongerius, each piece gets a new future.

For information regarding Hella Jongerius + Nymphenburg's upcoming exhibition Generation T at 3 East 89th Street, Opening Thursday, February 29, please contact Trang Tran