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Donald Judd | Aluminium Furniture
3 E 89th Street

"I am often told that the furniture is not comfortable, and in that not functional. The source of the question is in the overstuffed bourgeois Victorian furniture, which, as I said, never ceased. The furniture is comfortable to me. Rather than making a chair to sleep in or a machine to live in, it is better to make a bed. A straight chair is best for eating or writing. The third position is standing." – Donald Judd, It’s Hard to Find a Good Lamp, 1993

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There is design, there is sculpture, and then there is the furniture of Donald Judd (1928–1994). In the early 1970s, the artist turned his mind to the project of furnishing his Soho loft, beginning with a pair of metal sinks and a wood platform bed. He was motivated not by any programmatic purpose, but simple aesthetics and pragmatism.

Metal Judd Furniture is still produced in Switzerland by Lehni, AG today, and follows the specifications Donald Judd first developed in 1984. The metal furniture, though primarily industrially fabricated, is crafted with considerable handwork in the unique bending of the edges of each piece, and is carefully made to Judd’s rigorous quality standards. Each piece is uniquely stamped and numbered for authenticity. Aluminium Furniture exhibits 14 pieces of painted aluminum furniture, including some iterations that have never been produced.