Marilyn Minter Thirsty (Drinking Fountain)

Thirsty (Drinking Fountain)


Marilyn Minter’s current exhibition at 3 E 89th Street debuts her first two functional sculptures on view through the building. Thirsty (Infinity Fountain), 2023 is a prototype for a large-scale bubbling sculpture which features an 11-minute looping video where closely cropped lips and tongues manipulate glitter, gels and pearls - set to a contemplative, ambient soundtrack. The fountain is available by commission in an edition of 3 alongside versions which can be scaled up for larger public projects. Editions can be installed indoors or reconfigured for an outdoor installation.

Thirsty (Drinking Fountain), 2023 is a custom-made stainless steel drinking fountain which at once refers to Donald Judd’s chairs, Bruce Nauman’s Self-Portrait as a Fountain (1966-67), and Pipolotti Rist’s video works as well as the ubiquitous drinking fountains that mark public space. Atop the steel structure is a glowing resin basin through which a video is projected drawing the viewer into its reflecting pool surface beckoning them to drink and meditate.

These fountains follow Minter’s 2017 custom-designed sculptural car made by retrofitting an AMC Pacer with surround-sound video of her now-iconic video, Green Pink Caviar, (2009). Like its predecessor, Thirsty (Drinking Fountain) marries functionality with design to create a sculpture that is operational, interactive, and otherworldly.

Thirsty (Drinking Fountain) is in edition of 12, plus 2 Artist Proofs. There are two possible configurations: one is a self-contained system for installation in areas without direct plumbing or electrical. This is outfitted with an internal battery and freshwater collection system. The second can be integrated into existing power and water lines.

The drinking fountains are in collaboration with Lehmann Maupin.

Marilyn Minter is open till Saturday, June 3 at 3 E 89th Street

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