Max Lamb

Economy Chair


Polystyrene, rubber polymer

2 x 13 x 22 inches (81 x 33 x 55 cm)

The Economy Chair continues Max Lamb’s exploration of material efficiency. Using a hot wire, Lamb meticulously cuts 12 chairs from a single slab of polystyrene foam, leaving virtually zero waste. Each chair is then assembled and sprayed in a unique, hand-mixed rubber coloring.

Lamb has created Poly and Scrap Poly works for more than 15 years — cutting, carving, peeling, spraying, and up-cycling both virgin and scrap polystyrene, constantly innovating with processing techniques and coatings while pushing the boundaries of this modest material. The Economy Chair showcases Lamb’s comfort in working with polystyrene, and he has recently increased production capacity while maintaining an intimate studio practice that assures each piece’s genetic uniqueness.