Salon 94 Design

Salon 94’s second location and current home of S94D
2007 — Present

Salon 94 Freemans in Freemans Alley has served as Salon 94's downtown outpost and is now the home of Salon 94 Design.

Salon 94 Freemans was opened in 2007, five years after the inception of Salon 94. For 10 years, Salon 94 Freemans was accompanied by Salon 94 Bowery, just around the corner next to The New Museum, until spring 2020.

A raw and intimate space, Salon 94 Freemans has been the venue for many memorable and important exhibitions, and more recently, art fair presentations. Salon 94 Freemans has housed several major solo and group exhibitions including Marilyn Minter’s exhibition Green Pink Caviar in the summer of 2009, a show of paintings presented concurrently with a video of the same name, marking Minter's directorial debut. In 2011, project artists Kara Hamilton, Ella Kruglyanskaya, and Lynda Benglis has solo presentations at Freemans and in 2012 fashion designer Duro Oluwu curated Material – a show combining fashion, accessories, and a selection of vintage and contemporary photography, textiles, contemporary art, furniture, music, books and objets trouvés.

In 2019, Salon 94 Design presented a solo exhibition of new sculptural furniture works by New York-based Thomas Barger.

Upcoming Salon 94 Design exhibitions include a presenation of historical works by Gloria Kisch which will be followed by an exhibition of Robert Earl Paige’s works curated by Duro Oluwu in Summer 2022